• At age 5 when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I stated without hesitation that I would be a children’s book author. Every time. You’re asked that a lot as a child, but my response never wavered. I took some detours from writing through adolescence, high school, a BFA in Acting, and a move to Los Angeles before I rediscovered the steadiness of my reply. I’ve come full circle and can once again state unequivocally that I will be a children’s book author when I grow up. It’s the growing up part I’m not so sure about. 

    I find inspiration in the patterns of animals, the wonder of nature, and the beautiful nonsense that surrounds us every day. I believe children are wiser than many adults, and I long to live in the blurred wonderland between their reality and imagination. 


 ENTROPY by Bill Robens, the author of Kill Me, Deadly and A Mulholland Christmas Carol, is a comedic send-up of the U.S. space program’s exploits in the 1970s..  Set in space, and partly on the ground, with cowboy astronauts, the very first astronette, cold war intrigue with Russian spies and life imperiled by a deadly satellite.  ENTROPY offers thrills, chills and cosmic laughs